Why Hearing Enhancement System ?


People with hearing loss should be able to access facilities in a building and to participate fully in activities such as counter communication, conferences, meetings and entertainment.

Hearing enhancement systems are important in locations where an audience will normally be present, where intelligibility of a sound source can be compromised by distance or reverberation, in locations where a physical barrier exists between speaker and listener and where information will be sought.

3 forms of Hearing Enhancement Systems, namely

  • Audio Frequency Induction Loop System
  • Infra-Red System (IR)
  • FM (Radio) Transmission System

Audio Frequency Induction Loop System

A loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound. The diagram to the below illustrates how they work.



Induction Loop can be beneficial in many environments, from large venues such as theatres and conference facilities, to one-to-one communication such as ticket counters and meeting rooms.  They are the only effective solution for transport environments, in vehicles, terminals and stations.


Infra-Red/FM System


Infra-Red (IR) systems are popular in auditorium applications, offering line-of-sight wireless communication, providing flexibility and, within a room, privacy of transmission. They are not readily affected by electrical interference, though do require the use of additional personal receiver units. They can, however be adversely affected by strong sunlight.

Radio systems offer benefits similar to infra-red (IR), with the added advantage that line-of-sight is not required.  However they can potentially offer less privacy as signals may pass through obstructions such as walls and be picked up on other receiving equipment.


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